What is Fuwment and How Does it Help?

Fuwment is an innovative project led by Marzieh Rajabpour, a distinguished international entrepreneur. After obtaining the UK Global Talent Visa, she conducted extensive research on business models of service providers for international students and the skilled labor shortage in the UK. With her expertise in Information Technology and Business Analysis, she identified challenges and developed effective solutions, launching Fuwment in the UK.


Fuwment’s mission is to reshape the career landscape for international students while simultaneously driving economic growth in the UK. By integrating advanced AI technology, Fuwment offers a pioneering platform that addresses the diverse challenges faced by international students and tackles the skilled labor shortage in the UK.

Intelligent Evaluation

Fuwment’s platform is smartly designed to provide intelligent assessments for students and job seekers. Utilizing AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Predictive Analytics, it evaluates candidates’ skills, experiences, and potential, ensuring precise matching with job opportunities that align with their profiles. The AI-driven evaluation process considers multiple factors, including educational background, work experience, and personal interests, to recommend the best career paths and job matches for each individual.

Document Assistance

Fuwment also assists in the documentation process, leveraging artificial intelligence to create and manage essential documents required for visa applications and job placements. This process utilizes technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to ensure accuracy and efficiency, simplifying the application process for users. The technology automates the generation of necessary forms, cover letters, and supporting documents, reducing the burden on applicants and increasing the likelihood of successful submissions.

Personalized Roadmap and Expert Mentorship

Additionally, Fuwment provides continuous support through personalized roadmaps and connections to specialized mentors. These roadmaps guide users step-by-step in their career journey, from visa application to job placement and beyond. Expert mentors offer valuable insights and advice, helping users navigate the complexities of settling into a new country and advancing in their careers. Fuwment’s strategic partnerships with industry professionals and organizations further enhance the support network available to its users.

Comprehensive Support

Fuwment’s comprehensive approach includes initial assistance for 1,000 skilled individuals across the UK in applying for the Global Talent Visa. In the first phase, 110 individuals received personalized support, leading to successful outcomes. Beyond visa assistance, Fuwment helps with settling into the new country, finding jobs, and supporting accompanying family members. This holistic support system is designed to empower international talents and contribute to the socio-economic fabric of the UK.

This detailed focus on technology and personalized support demonstrates Fuwment’s commitment to transforming the career landscape for international students and addressing the skilled labor shortage in the UK.